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Over 20 000 SKU's printed with Expanded Colour Gamut

Print Companies

A professional art department for packaging companies

Our customers can focus on their core business of printing and converting without the headaches of running an art or platemaking department. The latest packaging automation software, proofers and platemaking technology ensure accuracy, award winning results and fast turnaround.

The most accurate proofs

Patent pending ColoRecipe™ with PantoneLIVE™ and VariaProof™ proofs with ColoKey™ are an industry first. Call us for a demo to show you how easily you can match proof to print in record time.

Print with Expanded Colour Gamut

With an unrivalled track record in printing with Expanded Colour Gamut, conventional packaging presses are able to eliminate washups and print with a fixed ink set, just like a digital press. We have produced in excess of 800 SKU's to date. Some of our customers have 0% press returned ink.

Brand owners

Easy digital asset management

We have made the sharing and approval of artwork powerful yet very easy to use. Our clients can choose to have full access to work in progress and completed or archived art. Notification of uploads and downloads and versioning. Security features enable administrators to disable and wipe users devices should they leave your company. Apps for Mac, Mac IOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry are available.

Communicate Colour Effectively

Our patent pending ColoRecipe™ with PantoneLIVE™ and ColoKey™ are an industry first. For the very first time in the history of print, we empower both brand owners and printers with the "recipe" and tools to match the print to proof accurately.

Improve Print Consistency

With Acme Graphics ColoRecipe we  ensure that Brand Owners can rest easy knowing they have effectively communicated their expectations to printers and that they have set clear pass/fail tolerances. It's now up to the printer and Acme helps there too!

Paint Industry

Colour Sampling Colour Guides

Using an Expanded Colour Space (Gamut), we are able to accurately sample colour draw-downs across multiple product categories including paint, cosmetics, plastics, tiles, wood, fabric etc...

Signage and Point of Sale

Vibrant and colour accurate point of sale, shelf talkers, hanging mobiles and counter top stands that accurately match master colour standards, brand colours, NCS or similar colour models and much more...


Prepress services for brand owners and packaging printers

Brand owners and packaging printers trust us with file preparation for any printing process. We have 18 years experience in preparing artwork for all packaging print processes. Your artwork is also safe with us (backed up in 3 locations) and accessible to you via the Customer Login link above. We have not lost a single file in 18 years!

Technology and automation

Packaging workflow automation increases speed and quality and it also ensures consistency in delivery, no matter which of our 8 DTP operators are working on your project. We sport a complete Esko Automation Engine 14 installation. In our datacenter we have hosts totalling 10 physical CPU's, 128 GB RAM and 50 Terabyte Storage driving virtual machine servers.

Any Print Process

We are a one-stop-shop for your artwork prepress requirements. Preparation for all printing processes. Artwork is delivered consistently on time and with an unbeatable level of accuracy. Right first time!

Accuracy in checking

Using award winning software from Esko, our dedicated checkers are able to compare incoming art to previous revisions and final art. Side by side comparion, "blinking" and "difference views" are possible. Checking of screened separations is possible with zoom to pixel level. Tools allow verification of barcodes, braille, checking of lineature, screen angles, resolution, separations, trapping and total area cover of inks.

Printing Plates


A high resolution digital camera is no good without a great lens (optics). Similarly, Esko's HDflexo is unique in combining high pixel counts with high-res optics and perfect highlight screens. Our flexo plates are optimised to print award winning flexibles, supported material, labels, paper products and polywoven bags. Beside a quality benefit, our plates ensure increased press speeds and reduced downtime to wash plates.

Dry Offset Specialists

As South Africa's leading supplier of dry offset plates, we are specialists in preparing art and printing plates for dry offset letterpress. Removal of underprinting inks and conversion of CMYK process images to spots wherever possible enables contamination free printing and consistency of colour from the beginning to the end of a print run.

Polymer Coating Plates for Offset Presses

Enables sheetfed and web offset presses to print high density metallics and varnishes.


Proofs for packaging

We have invested in systems specifically crafted for proofing packaging. Accurate simulation of both process and spot colours on hundreds of possible substrates while taking into account finishing options requires industry leading solutions. Brand owners and printers have access to extremely accurate proofs and a recipe that can be followed on press in order to match proof and print. Another first for Acme Graphics and ColoRecipe!

What your proofs are not telling you

Proofs you are currently receiving are not reliable in answering the following questions:

  • What does 50% of Pantone Reflex Blue C look like?
  • What colour does an overprinting of a Spot and Process ink produce?
  • What should a Pantone colour look like, your guide, someone else's guide or the proof?

Our ColoRecipe proofs use spectral data and PantoneLIVE, with verification, to enable brand owners and printers to know exactly what to aim for.

Spectral Data

Working with spectral data we are able to create TVI (dot gain) curves for spot and pantone colours. We are also able to accurately proof expanded colour gamut and simulate non standard printing processes with great accuracy.