Easy digital asset management

We have made the sharing and approval of artwork powerful yet very easy to use. Our clients can choose to have full access to work in progress and completed or archived art. Notification of uploads and downloads and versioning. Security features enable administrators to disable and wipe users devices should they leave your company. Apps for Mac, Mac IOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry are available.

Communicate Colour Effectively

Our patent pending ColoRecipe™ with PantoneLIVE™ and ColoKey™ are an industry first. For the very first time in the history of print, we empower both brand owners and printers with the "recipe" and tools to match the print to proof accurately.

Improve Print Consistency

With Acme Graphics ColoRecipe we  ensure that Brand Owners can rest easy knowing they have effectively communicated their expectations to printers and that they have set clear pass/fail tolerances. It's now up to the printer and Acme helps there too!

Optimise Colour

Without changing your artwork or forcing a redesign, we are able to greatly enhance the vibrancy and "pop" of your packaging. On a crowded shelf, such enhancement is highly effective.

Centralised Art Distribution

Own your artwork! Printers may be not be willing to share your artwork with rivals or to provide them with the latest, optimised artwork. Partnering with Acme Graphics will ensure the same artwork and version is distributed to all print companies you are using and that all proofs you sign or distribute are colour accurate and match each other.

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