A high resolution digital camera is no good without a great lens (optics). Similarly, Esko's HDflexo is unique in combining high pixel counts with high-res optics and perfect highlight screens. Our flexo plates are optimised to print award winning flexibles, supported material, labels, paper products and polywoven bags. Beside a quality benefit, our plates ensure increased press speeds and reduced downtime to wash plates.

Dry Offset Specialists

As South Africa's leading supplier of dry offset plates, we are specialists in preparing art and printing plates for dry offset letterpress. Removal of underprinting inks and conversion of CMYK process images to spots wherever possible enables contamination free printing and consistency of colour from the beginning to the end of a print run.

Breaking News!

Acme Graphics' patent pending MULTIVIDE Expanded Color Space for Dry Offset has been launched. It is a world first in enabling full colour printing in dry offset letterpress with no ink contamination. Even better, it has a substantially larger colour gamut than ISO CMYK.

Polymer Coating Plates for Offset Presses

Enables sheetfed and web offset presses to print high density metallics and varnishes.